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In 2007-2008 I was Assistant Professor at the University of Sharjah, College of Fine Arts and Design, United Arab Emirates. Academically and artistically the experience had a profound effect on my work  at a time of cultural and artistic development in the Gulf region. A variety of artworks were produced during this time in the Gulf that form part of the group exhibition Transit that has toured Qatar, Singapore and Australia. Click here for Faculty exhibition Thirst Catalogue UOS.pdf

"A colleague at the University, Jassim Al Awashi, a UAE artist and lecturer drove Meredith Brice, Australian artist / curator and myself into the desert outside Dubai. Since arriving in the UAE it was my first encounter with the "interior" landscape. Jassim was keen to show us his beloved area in the desert where 40 years ago a cafe and petrol stop - Al Faya - a well known stopover for travellers from east coast to west which once thrived" (Gulf diary, 2007)

A series of a paintings called  Jassim and the Al Faya Cafe developed from the three hour journey.

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